Halloween Party Food on a Budget

Halloween Party Food on a Budget

Halloween is a great time of year to have a party and get all your friends together! Dress up, make silly foods and witches brew drinks! Have fun trying to gross out your friends, scaring each other all night long!!

Stick with Plain Colors – Shop at the dollar store to buy inexpensive tablecloths, paper goods, and utensils for your party. Buy balloons as well. Stick to simple colors and steer clear of the Halloween themed patterns to pay less. Orange, black, purple and even green all work great!

Make it Yourself – Make the food and drinks yourself. Pinterest is full of great, easy ideas. Everything from mummy fingers and witches brews to gummy worms and banana ghosts. You can buy silicon molds and make your own Jell-O, cookies, ice cubes and more.

Make Décor Yourself – You can make monsters from tin cans. Spray paint dollar store pumpkins to match any décor. The dollar store will be your friend when it comes to décor! You can get so much that you can transform to fit what you are looking for. Take an empty gallon jug (like milk and water jugs), clean the inside and take off the labels. Draw happy, silly, and scary faces on the jugs, like you would draw on pumpkins. Next, fill them with water, drop in a glow stick and use them to line the walkway, stairs or place around the house for some extra light!

Borrow – Ask friends to borrow décor they may no longer use. Be sure to invite them to your party! If your best friend has a fog machine ask to borrow it for special effects. Borrow your sister’s spooky animated witch and your neighbor’s lights that you love. If you invite them to enjoy the party they should be happy to help!

Potluck – Don’t cringe! Have everyone bring one Halloween themed food item. Award prizes to the most creative in each category (appetizer or side, main dish, and dessert); a $10 gift card for each winner. $30 for food is a lot less expensive than $300!!

Simple Tweaks – Turn the lights down, use cheap dollar store unscented candles or votives. This alone adds a ‘spook factor’. Be sure the candles are unscented! Mixing different aromas can turn off your guests and they might leave early!

Keep it Fun – Do some fun games like ghost bowling. Take toilet paper rolls, make some ghost faces on them, stack them up and roll a pumpkin to bowl! Have a costume runway, or judging. Prizes can be as simple as a tin of your famous fudge!