Earn Rewards for Black Friday.


Black Friday is approaching fast, which means thousands of holiday shoppers are preparing to brave the cold in the early hours of the morning to accumulate as many holiday deals as possible. With so many one-day-only sales, offering huge discounts, consumers can walk away with big savings. However, there is a downside to Black Friday, which can leave many people seeing red by the time their credit card bill arrives.

It is tempting to charge it and forget it during the holidays, using credit cards on Black Friday could get you into a heap of financial woes. But they can also be used to your advantage. Don’t worry CSE’s got you covered. With the right strategy, you can actually use your credit card to score significant Black Friday deals.

Charging your purchases to one card is an easy way to meet any minimum spending requirements you might have on a new credit card. However, you should only use this strategy if you have a large credit limit on your card. A good rule of thumb is to keep your debt to credit ratio below 30 percent, meaning if you have a credit limit of $1,000, you should not charge more than $300 to that account. If you do have a high credit limit, just make sure that you have a plan to pay off your purchases before any significant interest accrues.

Maximize your holiday purchases to use a single credit card for most of your Black Friday shopping. Use BlueRoof Solutions Rewards Credit Card to rack up the most reward points. Currently, CSE’s card is offering a low introductory rate visit, CSE online for more information. You can earn one point per $1 on all credit purchases. There is no annual or balance transfer fee. Earn cash back, airfare, merchant gift cards, and more through UChoose rewards program.

Black Friday is less than a month away, and you’ll want to apply for our BlueRoof Solutions Credit Card to make your big purchases and to save you, even more, money this holiday season.