Fraud Protection for the Holiday Season

Be On the Lookout for Fraud during the Holiday Season

Many people are gearing up for the holiday season with mixed emotions. Some simply love this time of year and all the excitement that comes with it. Others find themselves increasingly anxious wondering how they will fit added expenses into a budget that is already stretched to the limit. Criminals count on these heightened emotions to find easy targets for scams or theft.

Madeleine, a CSE member in college, locked herself out of her of CSE online account. She met with Tyler in Electronic Services to reset her password. He encouraged her to download the CSE app for mobile banking along with the CardValet® app to her smart phone, so she could manage her account anywhere, anytime. Not long after her visit she received an alert of a denied in-store transaction in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The transaction was outside of her normal geographic purchasing area. It generated an alert which declined the transaction and alerted the CSE Fraud Protection Division. The fraud department blocked the transaction until it could be verified with her. Madeleine was given a case number for them to track her case. CardValet® helped Madeleine safeguard her card from fraud, and it can help you.

“I feel safe and secure now, knowing that I have the CardValet app on my phone. It is easy to use and I love it.”Madeleine

The financial management capabilities of CardValet® enable you to check and control card transactions. Set spending thresholds by dollar amount limits, merchant categories, and geographical locations. This feature empowers you to control your debit card spending in real-time. Lose or misplace your card, turn it off. Find it. Turn it on again.

CSE does use a fraud detection, account monitoring system in the fraud division; however, information requested is transaction specific and does not ask for personal information like complete card numbers, social security numbers, pin, password or login information.

Reminder: Never provide your username or password identification to anyone.

DO NOT RESPOND. CSE Federal Credit Union does not send messages requesting personal information via email, text or telephone unless the communication was first initiated by a member request. Do not respond to any emails, text, or phone messages requesting personal or account information. CSE FCU highly recommends that if there is any suspicion when asked to give out any personal information or there is doubt about the reliability of the caller, please report these cases of fraud directly to CSE Federal Credit Union, (337) 477.2000 or (800) 625.5747.