Employee Authentic Difference

What makes CSE different?


Without you, CSE would be just another credit union, one more financial institution on Nelson Rd. If you didn’t know there are about 20 other financial institutions on Nelson. We are all competing to capture everyone’s attention. You know what really captures someone’s attention. How you treat them. How you make them feel. Making eye contact. Making sure when our members leave CSE, they are well-informed and educated about our products and services. None of that would be possible without you. You are what makes CSE authentically different from any other financial institution. Authentic people working together for the community.

The most important service of the credit union is the education of its members in the management and control of their own money. – Roy F. Bergengren

When members walk through our doors, we create an experience. You are the CSE difference. Whether its frontline or behind the scenes. We are a team and there is no CSE without you.