2017: Transform Into An Amazing Leader

9 Tips That Will Transform You Into An Amazing Leader

A successful career doesn’t just require great ideas and a good work ethic — it also takes the right people. In order to work well with others, you’ll need to become a pro at leadership and management.

1. The people around you are everything. An idea is a hundred times harder to execute when you don’t have the right people by your side. Find the best people possible for your project, and once you do, do anything and everything in your power to keep them.

2. Be both a mentor and a protégé. The best professional relationships are ones that consist of mutual respect and learning. As a leader, it may be your job to expand on your team’s abilities and knowledge; however, you likely have just as much to learn from them as they do from you.

3. A growing business requires growing people. Nearly everyone is a work in progress. A positive professional experience not only involves development, but also a positive attitude on growth and learning. Forgive minor mistakes and strive to teach your team, not to shame them for messing up. Offer opportunities for your followers to learn and become better people. Acknowledge that while you may already be a good leader, you can always become a better one.

4. Managing people through change is the hardest job you’ll have. Whether it’s through personal change or environmental change, those you lead are going to struggle to adjust. Be patient and understanding, yet firm in your business’s needs. Be flexible, not a doormat. Finding and maintaining this balance will be one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have.

5. Focus your business on being the best at one thing, then expand. Would you rather be great at one thing, or mediocre at a lot of things? Probably the former. When you’re first starting out, focus on making your business no.1 in a specific area. Once you master that, you can move on to bigger and better things.

6. Stay humble. Don’t confuse ego with leadership. Strength is key, but power is not. Be the kind of leader you’d happily follow.

7. Sharp leaders are among the easiest to trust. Being a great leader isn’t about sitting back and barking orders. Instead, it’s about getting your hands dirty and keeping your mind sharp. As a matter of fact, you should be the hardest worker at your company. This gives you a realistic idea of what it’s like to work at your company, which helps you lead more efficiently and build better relationships with your team.

8. Crafting, evolving and sharing your vision is increasingly important. As your company grows, your vision’s need for visibility grows, too. Don’t let yourself or your team get too comfortable with stagnant goals that may have already been met. Let your vision evolve and share it with those who need to hear it.

9. Remain positive. The road ahead is paved with bumps and cracks. No one wants to follow a grouchy leader, so slap on a smiley face and stay positive, no matter the obstacles you encounter. You may have begun as an excellent leader or an outstanding manager, but probably not both. As you build experience, you’ll learn how to lead and manage teams.