SEG Highlight Henderson Implement

“Work or Play – We know families” is more than a tagline it is the foundation of the company. Starting in 1967 as a small family business, Henderson began as a retail equipment dealer servicing the growing local agricultural farming communities. As the market grew, so did the type of products and services they needed, and Henderson listened to these needs.

They added Kubota equipment to help support the smaller farmers and growing construction needs. As the innovation in equipment grew, it made the work life a little easier, yet more productive, giving their customer more free time to enjoy life. With more free time, the requests of their customers changed, and again Henderson listened.

They next expanded in 2007 into boating and marine products by taking on several boat lines; Tracker Boat, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, and Nitro boats. Over the years they have expanded the lines of marine equipment because of requests from customers.

In addition to boating, customers started requesting ATV and UTV sports vehicles, and again Henderson listened by expanding with the Polaris line in 2011. Polaris has been an exciting addition because of the wide variety of use these vehicles offer; from trail riding to racing, hunting, or work, these vehicles offer a multitude of uses for work and play, fitting right in with the company’s motto.

“Work or Play – We know families,” because we listen!