What to do if my debit card quits working?

What to do if my debit card quits working and I can’t access funds in my account? What are my options?

What would happen if the internet collapsed? Initially, no doubt, we would all sit around waiting for it to come back up. An hour would pass and then an afternoon even a solid day might just pass and would become a welcomed…or unwelcomed… “unplugged” holiday.

However, what would happen if one day became two, a week or even a month?
To start, there would be no email, no blogs, no Facebook and no Tweets. Disastrous! But there are things far more important than trivial communication disruption at risk.

Scenario: It’s Saturday morning, you’re at the grocery store with a large purchase. You swipe your debit card at the cashier’s Point-of-Sale terminal to pay. The terminal informs you that “You’ve met your daily limit”. You know you have funds available in your checking account. Why is your transaction being rejected?

So now what? What are your options?

Just like any other disaster planning, be prepared also with your finances. Consider the following options:

1) Have alternative access to funds

a. Checks (you know the paper form your parents used to use) not plastic.
b. Credit Card

2) Carry cash, mad money!

In the digital world we live in, always be prepared in case technology fails you. Electronic, digital systems do sometimes go down. There’s always a possibility of a disruption, so be financially prepared.