Graduation Gifts

There are gifts that are ideal, moreover, won’t break the bank. The key is to think outside the box. Your grad might enjoy experiences, tools or supplies more than the traditional cufflinks or flower bouquet.

First Apartment Gifts. Many college grads end up moving back home. However, you might want to consider gifts they can use back home such as cooking lessons, accessories or a gift card to their favorite store.

For graduates headed to a new apartment, these creative ideas are a little more interesting than pots and pans. Purchase them a set of basic spices, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and present it in a colander or salad bowl. Instead of buying a cookbook from the store, give a DIY cookbook of family favorite recipes.

Travel Accessories. Many new grads backpack and stay in hostels across Asia. Some visit with friends they met while studying abroad in Europe. If your grad has travel plans, try one of these ideas. A gift card to a travel accessory or backpacking store. The traveling grad can use it to buy luggage, a backpack for travel or a briefcase for work.

Consider an iPad or Kindle it can carry guidebooks as well as novels and other reading materials, making it an exciting yet thoughtful gift. Make your own experiential gift certificate. Suggest the enclosed cash is for a fabulous dinner, purchases at a bazaar or another splurge that fits the new grad’s itinerary.

Pearls and Ties. In an ideal world, every college grad heads off into intriguing, challenging careers involving lofty wardrobes and leather briefcases. Your new graduate lives in the real world. Choose your gift with love and respect. Keep your grad’s hopes and dreams in mind. Also, enclose a gift receipt.

Financial Guide Book. Ok, this is not the most exciting graduation gift, but it is the most practical. After graduating so many graduates find themselves in debt and having to pay back their student loans. CSE offers financial literature that can help new grads make informed financial choices post-graduation. They include practical, accessible tips on figuring out first, what you owe and to whom. For some graduates that list that can include one or more lenders. The guide can teach the new grad how to pay it all off while still budgeting for life, love, and the future. It’s a terrific gift, especially when you give it with a bookmark of crisp, green bills.

A Journal. Life is just beginning for many graduates. There will be numerous life lessons along the way. Start a journal and ask relatives to jot notes on it when they come to visit. Other relatives can send handwritten notes that you can paste in later. Pass along its collected wisdom on topics such as marriage, careers, parenting, and life. The graduate will cherish it for life.

A Collection of Childhood Memories. Graduation is a major life passage, nothing evokes that sense of time passing better than a video slide show of childhood memories, from childhood to the present. A graduation video not only makes a perfect gift for the new grad, it’s also wonderful, nostalgic entertainment for graduation party guests.

CSE has several financial options for the recent graduate:
•Free Basic Checking Account
•Share Certificate for Ages 25 and Under beginning at $500.00
•Credit Card
•First Time Auto Buyer Program
•Everything you need to get you on the right financial footing.

At CSE, we believe in smart futures and good financial decisions start with good financial information. Visit us online for more information.Call 337.477.2000 and speak with a CSE representative today! CSE also provides financial counseling.