SEG Highlight: Stine

Stine’s mission is to “help people build their dreams.” It began in 1952, when founder, J. W. Stine, and his partner, J.C. Carlin, established the “Starlin Lumber Company” in Sulphur, Louisiana, to supply their needs as residential building contractors. The two men were bomber pilots in Europe during WWII. Their business partnership began after the war, and the competition was fierce, as many contractors also established “stick yards” to buy their materials. At its peak, the small town of Sulphur had NINE yards!

In 1966, the first of all six Stine sons joined Starlin. Carlin left the company in 1952, and the name changed to Stine Lumber. From a single store in Sulphur, Stine expanded business to DeRidder in the 70s and Lake Charles in the 90s. There are locations throughout the state of Louisiana and a store located in Natchez, Mississippi.

The home improvement industry has its own history, beginning much as Stine did with the “contractor yards.” As more homeowners and do-it-yourselfers wanted to buy materials to do their own work, the concept of the Home Improvement Center came into vogue in the early seventies. Stine successes continued as they began to meet the needs of the D-I-Y market. Over the years its retail business exploded and accounts for about two-thirds of its sales each year, with builder sales making up the balance. Stine is among the top 100 home improvement retailers in America. Sales figures place Stine fourth among all 6,000 Ace retailers worldwide!

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