First-Time Auto Buyer’s Program

Buying your first car isn’t easy, but if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. CSE’s First-Time Auto Buyer’s Program is designed to provide a solution to members financing their first auto loan, to possibly avoid the need for an endorser and/or high-interest rate loans through dealership financing. Building credit is an important part of establishing your financial history. If you’ve never bought anything on credit, then CSE’s First-Time Auto Buyer’s program is a great way for you to get on the road to a solid financial future. Almost everyone needs a vehicle whether it’s new or used.

If you’re going to need transportation, you might as well make sure your vehicle also helps you establish credit. There are some important things you must do when you enter into financing. Educating yourself on how to establish credit is number one on the list of to-dos. Make your payments on time. If your first-time auto buyer’s loan becomes delinquent, it will hurt you more than help you. Every late or missed payment is a point against your credit history. It could prevent you from obtaining additional credit in the future. Consistent, on-time payments are exactly the reason you want to establish credit in the first place. It proves to your creditors that you’re worthy of trust, and more credit. Mark your calendar, set your alarm on your phone, do whatever you can to make your payment on time. Credit and lending used wisely can benefit you as you go through life. You have to start somewhere. If you need to begin establishing credit and aren’t sure where to start, consider looking into CSE’s First-Time Auto Buyer’s program. We’ll help you get on the road to success.

You may qualify if you have no previous auto loan. You must provide proof of employment or proof of verifiable income sufficient to cover ordinary expenses and your loan payment. You must have no derogatory credit history. A five percent down payment is required. Normal credit criteria apply. CSE offers the First-Time Auto Buyer’s program to adults 18 years or older. This program is ideal for college and trade school graduates looking to establish credit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a recent grad with your first real job or the typical first-time car buyer, the car buying process is never filled with as much uncertainty as it is with the first car buying experience.

Make CSE your first choice when you buy your first car. APPLY TODAY for an affordable and hassle-free way to take the wheel! Call a CSE Lender at 337.477.2000, option 4 for more information about our First Time Auto Buyer’s Program