How accountability can help you succeed

Here are 4 benefits of accountability you should think about before you try to achieve that goal all alone.

Accountability battles distraction: There will always be something that tries to steal your time away. When it comes to your personal life, it’s easy to get distracted by everything going on around you. When a goal is a difficult one, you have to do what it takes to keep yourself focused and engaged. If you know someone is going to call you out on your progress, it’s a lot easier to keep your eyes on the prize.

Accountability provides a cheering section: Anyone you’re comfortable enough with to let them hold you accountable, is obviously someone who cares enough about you to support you in your journey to achieving your goal. Some days you don’t want to do the things you need to do (like go to the gym), but lucky for you, there’s someone in your corner. Look for your accountability partner to provide motivation when you can’t provide your own. You say “I can’t,” but they’ll be there to say “Yes, you can.”

Accountability ends dumb excuses: It’s almost comical how many times we create an excuse to not do something, and feel it justifies our decision. “I’ve got a free afternoon tomorrow, so I’ll do it then instead” turns into “I really need to do this instead of that,” and your task keeps getting pushed back further and further. When someone is holding you accountable, they’ll say things like “That’s a stupid excuse.” When someone’s that honest and upfront with you, it helps you get stuff done.

Accountability provides more brain power: When you’re trying to tackle a challenge, you can sometimes get lost on your journey. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and help you navigate the difficult times, can be a HUGE benefit. Don’t try to go it alone when there’s no reason to.

How accountability can help you succeed



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