Living the Dream



The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

What’s the most important factor to living your dreams? Is it skill, ability, intelligence, or creativity?
None of the above. The secret to realizing your dreams is simple: consistency. It’s not a magic recipe. It’s important to identify what your goals are. It’s critical to create a plan, implement deadlines, monitor progress, and add accountability. However, action is the essential ingredient in the recipe.

“Living the dream” can have different meanings. To some, it’s a life spent kicking back on a beach to others, it could be traveling all over the world, meeting new people, and experiencing a hundred different cultures. And to others, it is a dream job in which you get paid to do the things you love.
Whatever your concept of “living the dream,” is you too can achieve it.

Meet Chick-fil-a owner David Griffin. David, an University of Alabama at Birmingham alumni, completed by his undergraduate a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. While sitting at his desk one day he thought to himself, there has to be more out there. There is so much more to life. He thought about starting an engineering firm but, saw an opportunity to become a business owner with Chick-fil-a. It was a successful business that aligned with his core values.

One of the things he loves about Chick-fil-a is its generosity. We believe in investing in our employees. They start off at $12 an hour. I love our leadership program; we spend 30 months mentoring with up and coming leaders within the company going over leadership development principles. We are always watching for what’s coming down the pipeline. Business has to be about people, people development.

“It’s not about what I can get but what I can give,” says, David. “Stay a student of life. To this day I meet with an executive, life coach.” You have to ask yourself, what is your personal growth plan? If you want to live out your dreams, you must stay in a continual state of being prepared. Plan for opportunities before they presented and surround yourself with people you wanted to be. I encourage anyone wanting to start their own business to find a mentor. Focus on your development.”
There are many reasons I love banking with CSE. One, I believe in banking local. I want to do business with people who like doing business with me. I like the local decision making. I can pick up the phone, call CSE and speak to an actual person. Not only that but, speak to someone who knows me personally. I have financed a consumer signature loan, an auto loan, a commercial auto loan and a business loan through CSE. I love the local relationships. I love doing business with people who do business with me. I also love how CSE is invested in the community and is always giving back to communities it serves.