Farmers Rice Milling Company

Farmers Rice Mill Celebrates a 100 Years!
This October Farmers Rice Mill celebrated their 100 year anniversary right here in SWLA. The company was founded in 1917 by Mr. Willis Page Weber. Back then, the power for the mill was provided by the steam engine and later by a DC generator and only running a few days a week. Over the years the plant grew and around 1930 the business was able to operate fully to six days a week. In 1949 the mill burned to the ground, but they quickly recovered and continued their commitment to the farmers in the area. In 1970 the Farmers Rice Mill purchased the rice drying mill across the street and continued to expand their business. In 1984 they added a 13-megawatt power plant, Agrilectric Power that was able to burn and convert rice hulls into energy. Over the last 100 years, Farmers Rice Mill has stayed innovated and has been there to support the local rice industry that is vital to the people and economy in Southwest Louisiana. Congratulation Farmers Rice Mill and thanks for partnering with CSE Federal Credit Union.