Four work habits to kick before 2018

Dreading the day
Like it or not, we all have to work. The key to not drudging through each day just waiting for 5’o clock to roll around is to find meaning in your job. You may not be in love with what you do, and that’s okay. But, we all have to pay the bills, so figure out what it is about your job that you do like. Do you enjoy being around your coworkers? Does checking things off your work to-do list leave you feeling productive and fulfilled? Whatever it may be, it’s necessary to find value in your daily work life so that you’re not going to sleep every night dreading the day ahead.

Complaining too much
Even if you’re having a bad day, or you’re unenthused about what you’ve been tasked within the office, try your hardest to not complain to your colleagues. No one wants to hear a complainer because that can bring even the sunniest person down. It is important to vent when you’re feeling frustrated but do so in small bits. Have a chat with a co-worker or friend at a coffee shop or call a family member if you’re feeling stressed. But it’s vital to not be overly negative because being the office “Debbie Downer” will get you nowhere.

It’s been said many times before that you don’t have to be best buddies with your office mates. But, it’s imperative you are respectful and professional at all times, and that means refraining from office gossip. Tempting as it may be to jump on the juicy gossip train, keep your head down and don’t participate. If you do get involved rest assured one way or another your pettiness will come back to bite you.

Wasting time
When you’ve wrapped up your work or have a free moment, use that time wisely and you’ll inevitably have a much more productive day. Instead of falling down the social media rabbit hole, organize your desk, catch up on emails, or look ahead to what’s next on your plate. It’s natural to check out Facebook or Instagram when you have a moment to catch your breath between work assignments. Just remember that as you start wasting time, you’ll likely get distracted and that makes it even harder to get motivated again.