How to Succeed at Your New Job

Q: I just landed a new job, and I’m really nervous. How can I best succeed?

A: Congrats on your new job! It’s super-exciting, but we totally get the nail-biting nerves. What if you sit down at the wrong desk? What if you mess up your first assignment? No worries, though — we’ve got your back! Here’s all you need to know about how to succeed when starting a new job.

How do I start off at my job? 

You’ll never have a second chance at that first impression, so be sure to ace that first day! Prepare everything you’ll need the night before, leave extra time for those unexpected delays and try to get to work a few minutes early.

Get ready to introduce yourself to all your new workmates. Remember, these are the people you’ll be spending most of your day with, so flash your best smile!

Next, pay attention to your surroundings. You’re a foreigner in a new land, and you need to learn the language, the culture and what makes these people tick if you’re going to succeed.

How can I succeed professionally at my new job?

You want to go far at your new job, but first, make sure you know the details about what’s expected of you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is unclear. Research shows that new employees perform better when they ask more questions.

What should I focus on during my first month on the job? 

Give yourself a round of applause — you’ve made it past that first week!

By now, you know where to find the best K-cups and that you’d better greet the front-desk attendant or you’ll hear about it later.

It’s time to step up your game.

During the first month at your new job, focus on adopting good work habits. That can mean setting your alarm a half-hour earlier or using an app like Cold Turkey to keep from checking your Instagram feed every two minutes.

Keep your productivity up and set ambitious professional goals. You can reach the stars. Go get ’em!


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