Credit Disability

Are you protected from the unexpected?  Could you manage financially if your income was reduced or eliminated due to a disabling illness or injury?  MEMBER’S CHOICE™ Credit Disability protection can help.

Credit Disability Insurance (CDI) provides added protection and security for you and your family.  If you are working at least 25 hours per week and if you are not off of work on sick leave at the time you apply for a loan, you are eligible for Credit Disability Insurance.  CDI is voluntary and the premiums are added to your loan monthly.

How is CDI beneficial to you?

If you are unable to work for a period of time due to a covered illness or injury, the insurance will pay your loan payments for you while you are off of work.

MEMBER’S CHOICE™  Credit Disability is convenient, economical, flexible, and tailored to your specific needs.  It offers these advantages:

  • Makes your covered loan payments if you become disabled.
  • Helps protect credit rating and collateral.
  • Reduces financial burden during recovery.
  • Requires no complicated enrollment forms or physical exam.
  • Offers the convenience of premium included in your loan payment.

There are policy limitations.  Maximum age to qualify for the insurance is 66 years old, the maximum loan amount is $50,000.00, the maximum term is 10 years and the maximum monthly payment is $750.00.

Investments and Insurance Products provided through one of our partnered companies:

  • Are not federally insured
  • Are not obligations of CSE Federal Credit Union
  • Are not guatanteed by CSE Federal Credit Union
  • Involve investment risk
  • If applicable, are being offered by a dual employee who accepts deposits on behalf of the credit union, and also sells non-deposit investment products on behalf of a third-party broker.

Ask your CSE Lender about protecting your next loan.


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