Real Estate & Lines of Credit

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Build equity and eliminate leasing uncertainties by buying, building or refinancing owner-occupied real estate.


  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms
  • Local decision-making
  • Customized to your needs
  • Purchase loans
  • Rental income properties
  • Improvements on existing property
  • Business acquisition loans
  • Small businesses or growing companies
  • Local experts


Commercial Lines of Credit

A CSE Business Line of Credit is ideal if your business needs easy access to cash for short periods of time. It can help you manage cash flow fluctuations, purchase inventory and finance accounts receivable.


  • Low, competitive rates
  • Interest only on portion you use
  • Immediate access to funds when needed
  • Ideal for short-term needs, cash flow, and seasonal fluctuations
  • Access funds as needed without re-applying
  • Small business line of credit available
  • Local service, local decisions

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