No money, no problem.  Skip a loan payment once a year with CSE’s SKIP−A−PAY.   Whether it’s for the holidays, to pay taxes or back to school shopping, use your loan payment instead of getting behind.

Important information about Skip-A-Pay:

  • There is a $25.00 processing fee per loan that will be debited from your account at the time of signing.
  • A loan must be current and cannot be the first payment.
  • The interest will continue to accrue and the skipped payment will cause the loan to extend beyond the original maturity.
  • If the loan is insured with Credit Life and/or Disability insurance, the monthly premium for coverage will still be added to the loan on the skipped month.
  • If loan has GAP insurance, members are allowed five skips per the life of the loan, if members exceed that, the GAP insurance may not cover the remaining balance of the loan.
  • Members may take advantage of this offer one time during each calendar year. Members cannot have consecutive Skip-A-Pays in December and January. All parties of the original loan agreement must sign the Skip-A-Pay form.
  • After a one-time board extension is granted, only one Skip-A-Pay can be granted after 12 consecutive full payments for the life of loan.
  • Loans that are not eligible and do not qualify for the Skip-A-Pay are:
    • Real estate, land and HELOC loans.
    • Delinquent loans and accounts that are not in good standing.
    • Share accounts or share draft accounts currently in overdraft are not eligible.
    • Loans previously approved for a workout loan are not eligible.
    • Loans that have had a monthly extension in the calendar year are not eligible.
  • Signed Skip-a-Pay Agreements must be received at least one day before payment is due.


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